Annenberg Media for Amazon Alexa:

What is your newsroom already doing that your audience might want to hear on Alexa? (Medium, 2018): In my final semester at USC, I was on a team of students and faculty that created an Alexa skill for Annenberg Media, the second largest student-led newsroom in the country. I assisted with the development and led the research (surveys, social media outreach, audience engagement) and production (reporting, tracking, scripting, editing) of the skill.

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Interactive journalism projects:

The Ugly Side of Beauty for Women of Color (2018): My graduate school capstone project on how chemicals in beauty products affect women of color. I reported, wrote and coded the project.

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A Dying Oasis: The Palms of Los Angeles (2017): A project on the dying palms trees of LA. I coded the website and reported on the story on my own.

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Modern Jane Fonda (2017): A story about the influx of female fitness influencers on social media. I coded the website and reported on the story by myself.

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Digitally Curating Los Angeles (2017): A project on the way museum curation in Los Angeles is affected by social media. I coded the website and was a reporter on the story.

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Digital projects:

socially-accessible (2016): My capstone project during my senior year. socially accessible focused on the ways users with disabilities navigated social media.

Debris Documentation (2016): This was a collaborative project on the design of a trash can to a smart trash can.

dallas memories (2015): a short-term project based on memories of people living in Dallas. A survey was handed out via Google Forms and users were asked to fill out their favorite memories in Dallas. The project is representation of the data.