Digital Projects

socially-accessible (2016): My capstone project during my senior year. socially accessible focused on the ways users with disabilities navigated social media.

Debris Documentation (2016): This was a collaborative project on the design of a trash can to a smart trash can.

dallas memories (2015): a short-term project based on memories of people living in Dallas. A survey was handed out via Google Forms and users were asked to fill out their favorite memories in Dallas. The project is representation of the data.



A few words about me


Hello! My name is Nataly.

I grew up just outside of Dallas, Texas, and went to school at the University of Texas at Dallas. I majored in Emerging Media and Communication and graduated with Major Honors and magna cum laude in December 2016. Starting in July, I will be a journalism graduate student at the University of Southern California.

I enjoy writing, research, and creating content. I ask questions, I’m fairly quiet, and I hold integrity very close to me. Below are some bits and pieces of my work. If you’d like to see more, shoot me an email: natalykeo at gmail dot com